Media Appearances


“Nishitani’s Religion and Nothingness / Andrew Taggart & Guy Sengstock,” Guy Sengstock YouTube Channel. A beautiful, and fun, conversation about Zen, no-thing-ness, and more.

“Rinzai Zen Buddhism: Andrew Taggart on Zen,” Breaking the Frame Podcast. Travis and I go deep in our exploration of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

“The Liberal Arts during the Meta-crisis,” Mellon Humanities Talk. I argue that there are two aspects of our current meta-crisis: groundlessness and homelessness.

“Andrew Taggart on Narcissism, Culture, and Dying,” The Jim Rutt Show. During which we explore the ubiquity of narcissism today.

“Andrew Taggart: What We’ve Lost,” Air on the Air Podcast. Ari and I discuss physicalism, secularism, and humanism and why they matter.

“Rebecca Meets Andrew Taggart: Practical Philosopher,” The Seeker and the Skeptic Podcast. In which we discuss the limits of skepticism.

“Conversational Mysticism: Andrew Taggart and Guy Sengstock,” Guy Sengstock YouTube Channel. This is, in my experience, the sweetest, clearest embodiment of authentic spirituality to date.

“Three Books with Andrew Taggart,” Davood Gozli YouTube Channel. In which we discuss Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Pierre Hadot’s The Present Alone Is Our Happiness, and Laozi’s The Daodejing.

“Practical Philosophy with Andrew Taggart,” The Think Bigger, Think Better Podcast with Paul Gibbons.


“The Logic of the Heart: A Conversation with Andrew Taggart,” Classical Philosophy YouTube Channel. A discussion with Johannes Achill Niederhauser about contemplation, mysticism, and more.

“Imagining Life beyond Total Work with Andrew Taggart,” Curious Humans Podcast with Jonny Miller. A discussion with host Jonny Miller about Total Work, with particular emphasis on spirituality.

“Total Work: A Conversation with Andrew Taggart,” Classical Philosophy YouTube Channel. A discussion with Johannes Achill Niederhauser about going beyond Total Work.

“Andrew Taggart: Finding a New Center,” Musing Mind Podcast. A wide-ranging discussion with host Oshan Jarrow about Total Work and consciousness.

“The Art of Philosophizing and Teams,” Team Coaching Podcast. A discussion with coach Carissa Bub about how I philosophize with teams.

“Philosophizing in an Age of Total Work,” Intellectual Explorers Club Podcast. A beautiful conversation with my friend and host Peter Limberg.

“Chief Philosophy Officer: Chi Sono E Perché Le Aziende Li Stanno Assumendo,” Economy Up. A piece (in Italian), which discusses my philosophy in connection with the meme of the Chief Philosophy Officer.

“The Brief Story of How Work Took over the World and Made Us Who We Think We are,” IHMC Public Talk. My clearest and most comprehensive talk on Total Work to date.


“Andrew Taggart, Practical Philosopher, On The ‘Good Life’ And How ‘Total Work’ Has Taken Over Our Lives,” Boundless Podcast. A podcast in which I’m interviewed by Paul Millerd.

“Does Everyone Really Need a Job? Why We Should Question Full Employment.” Big Think. A piece, in which I’m featured, on our relationship with work.

“Why Your Board Needs a Chief Philosophy Officer.” Forbes. A feature about philosophy and business, one in which my philosophizing is discussed.

“I Work Therefore I Am: Why Businesses are Hiring Philosophers.” The Guardian. A feature about philosophy and business, one in which I’m interviewed.


“Philosopher Andrew Taggart is Helping Executives Define Success,” Quartz. A feature detailing my relationship with Silicon Valley executives.

“Why Silicon Valley Titans Train Their Brains with Philosophy,” Big Think. Another feature detailing my relationship with Silicon Valley executives.

“Socrates lavora alla Apple,” La Lettura. An interview appearing in a popular Italian newspaper.

“La Silicon Valley se met a la Philosophie,” Ulyce. An article written in French on Silicon Valley, philosophy, and me.

“Secret to Workplace Happiness: Care Less About It,” Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio. A radio interview in which I discuss my views about total work.

“The Worship of Work: How Our Obsession With Productive Makes Us Less Human,” Big Think. An interview in which I discuss further my views about total work.

“A Fellow Philosopher Bringing Wisdom to Everyday Life,” The Art of Authenticity With Laura Coe. A podcast in which I discuss philosophy and the modern world.

“Philosophy as a Way of Life.” Unmistakable Creatives. Podcast.

“Skimming the Surface of Life.” Rad Awakenings With Khe Hy. Podcast.


I spent these years meditating and thinking.


“Prescribing Aristotle,” Washington Post. A live conversation during which I answered individuals’ questions concerned with philosophical counseling.

“Philosophical Readings to Help You Cope With Hurricane Irene,” Washington Post. I recommended works of Stoicism to help readers make sense of misfortunes.