Eloquence Training


I teach you to say the right thing with a sense of ease.

What is Eloquence?

Eloquence has more to do with saying the right thing in the right way than with making flowery speeches or writing purple prose.

The French moralist La Rochefoucauld agrees, offering that “eloquence consists of saying the proper things and only the proper things.” Being eloquent can be of considerable benefit to anyone wishing to overcome social anxiety, second-guessing, paralysis, and regret; longing to be free of long-windedness and unclarity; and hoping to speak forthrightly and compellingly to one’s friends and colleagues, partner or spouse.

Why Speak Eloquently?

I often hear individuals speak of being awkward, of lacking facility with speech, and of being reticent when they’re conversing with peers, lovers, store clerks, and co-workers. They stumble with and trip over their words and are generally unsure about how to let their words flow freely, how to allow their ideas to come forth easily. They’re at a loss concerning what to say and how to say it. They assume that they’re fated to grope about anxiously for the right words for the rest of their lives. The truth is far simpler:

You Can Learn To Speak With Ease

yet only if you begin to practice a particular set of excellences, which practice culminates in clear, graceful expression.

How to Learn?

Lessons, chiefly held over Skype and less frequently via letter exchange, are divided between theoretical inquiry into the nature of eloquence and practice in the relevant virtues. Early conversations focus on learning the virtues of

  • Earnestness: speaking with candor rather than speaking in bad faith;
  • Directness: speaking to something rather than proceeding in a roundabout fashion;
  • Plainness: speaking in clear, public prose in lieu of resorting to jargon-laden discourse; and
  • Simplicity: using a few choice words instead of compounding your utterances with needless complications.

More advanced lessons build on the virtues so exercised by training you to say the right thing in a beautiful, graceful manner with a sense of ease. To speak in the right manner is to say something with

  • a sense of lightness,
  • an agile appropriateness,
  • a touch of gentleness, and, above all,
  • a freeing liveliness.

Are you Ready to Say the Right Thing?

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