Guides for Living

A list of my ebooks, all of which are focused on the art of living, is available here

Being God-Open: Letters

Letters begun in October 2015 and published via TinyLetter on a bimonthly basis. They represent an inquiry, inspired by mysticism, into the possibility of God’s existence and into the implications for my life.

Essays on Philosophical Practice

‘Philosophy in the Popular Imagination,’ Philosophy Now Magazine 101 (March/April 2014).


‘Putting Lives in Order,’ The Philosophers’ Magazine 57.

Prescribing Aristotle,’ Conversation at Washington Post (August 23, 2011).

Philosophical Readings to Help You Cope With Hurricane Irene,’ by Emily Wax, Washington Post (August 26, 2011).

Letter Writing as Spiritual Exercise,’ Philosophical Practice 6.3 (2011), 856-68.

Essays on Philosophical Life

The Life Need of Philosophy,’ Huffington Post (May 2, 2011).

Our Failure of Imagination,’ Inside Higher Ed (April 8, 2011). Part 2.

Models for Post-University Life,’ Inside Higher Ed (March 16, 2011). Part 1.

Following Nature’s Course,‘ Dark Mountain: Issue 3, August 2012.

Essays on Moral Education

Introduction,’ Jane Austen: Four Novels, Canterbury Press, November 2011.

‘Whither Moral Education?,’ World and I (November 1, 2011).

‘Austen’s Ethical Vision of Wholehearted Love,’ World and I (February 2012).

Essays on Public Philosophy

Who is David Brooks?,’ Huffington Post (April 12, 2011).

In the Land of Bloombergia,’ Counterpunch (February 9, 2011).

Philosophy, What’s it Good for?’ Arts and Opinions 9.5 (2010).

With What Authority does a Public Philosopher Speak? Butterflies and Wheels (July 18, 2010).

Taking Relativism Seriously,’ Butterflies and Wheels (January 12, 2009).

Essays on Speculative Philosophy

On the Need for Speculative Philosophy Today,’ Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social History 8.1 (2012), 47-61.

An Encomium for Richard Holloway,’ Butterflies and Wheels (February 2, 2011).

Unbounded Naturalism,’ Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social History 4.1/2 (2008): 154-77.

Adorno and the Question of Metaphysics,’ New Essays on the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, ed. Alfred Drake (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010): 210-36.