On the art of letting go

A Sunday Meditation

I do not let go of things easily. I hold on to them for far too long. I need to learn how to let go.

1. Letting go is also a letting in.

2. Death does not always beget life, but life can come as a surprise.

3. When certain pursuits dry up, I need to let them go. (But how hard should I press, and when let them go? Letting go too soon may be a sign of weakness and also of wounded vulnerability.)

4. “Others owe me, to me they are indebted. At least, a thank you; or, later, an apology.” Do I, should I forgive them? But then is forgiveness always a given? Where do my claims factor in, and where does my judgment lie? Must I weigh the extent of my suffering, the disposition of the violator, the needs of the world, or should I learn to let things fall like morning rain?

5. Can I learn how to hold onto commitments without going under? Without forgoing critical reflection? Can I leave this behind without leaving the Idea behind?

6. I must learn how to welcome, invite, and introduce, but then I must let others approach. Reminders can also be forms of hostility.

7. When I give up, I am defeated; but when I let go, then I am at peace.