Alternative educational models: A philosophical overview

Philosophical Questions

  1. Q: What is human nature? A: Human nature is thinking-crafting.
  2. Q: What is community? A: Community is self-governance aimed at the common good (an anarchist principle with a republican final end)
  3. Q: What is education? A: Education is the cultivation of our thinking-crafting natures realized in self-governance and striving toward the common good.

2 Models

  1. Philosophy of Life. Orientation: Wisdom. E.g., The School of Life, Idler Academy, Really Free School.
  2. Craftsmanship. Orientation: Neo-medievalism. E.g., Out of the Ordinary, School Factory, Jigsaw Renaissance, The Mycelium School.

A Question for any Future Alternative Form of Education

My concern is that wisdom and craftsmanship are being divided into two separate spheres. To be sure, contemplation and coopering are two different modes, yet we don’t want to make the mistake of reifying them into two different realms. How, then, can we harmonize the philosophy of life model with the craftsmanship model?

Further Reading

Andrew Taggart, “Educational Consulting” (my general picture of alternative education)