On money, the scene of transaction, and philosophical counseling

I’ve been trying to achieve a sense of integrity (integritas). This life project has taken me in many directions, one being my relationship with my philosophical counseling conversation partner. In an earlier blog, I wrote about the need to stop calling her a “client” and to start using the term “conversation partner.” Now I want to turn to the scene of transaction and try to re-think the exchange in friendly, personable, non-alienating terms, terms not so reminiscent of the “cash nexus.”

The scene

[Before the conversation] Shall we work together? (The Inquiry)

Yes, let’s. (The Acceptance)

[During] Let’s try this out. (The Offer)

[Afterward] Thank you. (Gratitude)


Service is an offering, and payment (or barter or gift…) is gratitude.