Faces of busyness & patience

Update: Wanna be less busy? There’s still time!

No “Skype Walk-in” this Saturday, but there are still openings for the upcoming “Skype Workshop.”

Would another day work for “Skype Walk-in”? Let me know!

1. The man in Midtown values the objects of sense above those of contemplation. He checks his BlackBerry, his watch; touches his pant leg; fidgets. An appointment he’ll be late for. Looks out of the cab. Traffic. Probably some construction. Adjusts his tie. And again. The deal. Just call him.


2. Pericles headed toward the marketplace; he had urgent business to conduct. All day he endured the insults of a stranger. Toward evening he walked home while the man followed, still heaping scorn. By now it was nighttime, and as he went inside, he told his servant to take a torch and escort the stranger back to his home. (my own rendering from Plutarch, Lives III)