A successful life is a plentiful life

my phone
a rose
‘no service’

To say that a life is “successful” is to say, minimally, that:

  1. You have access to abundant good food. “Abundant”: just enough, not too much. “Good”: locally grown, ethically raised, sufficiently satisfying.
  2. Your work nourishes your soul. “Work”: the manifestation of self through activity. “Nourishes”: makes lighter, raises up, feels ebullient. “Soul”: the higher states of being human.
  3. One has a room with a view. “Room”: a home, a dwelling. “A view”: that which welcomes light and birdsong, guests and friends; that which inspires thought and reverie.
  4. One manages to help others. “Help”: raises others to their higher selves.

A successful life is a plentiful life.