A few essays on philosophy as a way of life

We are entering an unsettled time when our previous ways of life have started to unravel but  new ways of life have not taken root. The economy, civil society, the state, the family–all these are, in one way or another, undergoing world-historical changes. And these changes, in turn, are being reflected in our general uncertainty about how we live and how we raise our children. In the past, it was to philosophy–as a practice, as a reflective activity, as a way of life–that individuals and groups had turned in order to find renewal and in order to discover a higher purpose. My query is, “Why not today? Why not return, again, to philosophy?”

Below, you’ll find a few samples of how my thinking has evolved over the past 6 months. Please also, in the spirit of inquiry, feel free to roam about the Archives. I welcome your thoughts, your insights, your doubts, and your questions. Thanks for stopping by.



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“On Fish’s ‘Does Philosophy Matter?’ Answer: No…and yes.

“The Puzzle of Financial Prosperity and Spiritual Cultivation.”