New universities for these unsettled times?

Unsettled Times

We are living through unsettled times. Old ideas of education are no longer working; new ideas have yet to take hold. In the interregnum, we must think seriously in hopes of building new institutions aimed at fulfilling our basic needs and our higher ends.

Weekend Events

Later today, I’m heading to The Mycelium School’s “Growing the Web Event.” Meanwhile, my friends in London are taking part in a 3-day conversation about “Universities: Past and Present.”


Matthew Abrams, founder and CEO of The Mycelium School, speaks about social enterprise and good leadership.

Dougald Hine, co-founder of The University Project, writes about his long odyssey (wonderful, tortuous biography) in life and education. He also explores 5 reasons why the university may now be in transition.

Overviews of the Modern University

Robert Anderson, “The ‘Idea of the University’ Today,” History and Policy.

The Philosopher’s Beard, “A Critique of the Modern University – Part 1: Education.”