A mean case of arthritis

A long day can be relieved by a rooftop breeze or even by its memory. The humidity created its own atmosphere over the City. The Park smelled of warm Fruit Loops and my hair was a puff pastry. I believe I am coming down with a mean case of arthritis. In the morning, one conversation partner told me she saw a dragon fly that was unable to lift off. Evidently, its wings were stuck together. She took her pinkie and slid it between the two wings. Releasing both, she released the being to air. Elizabeth, our longtime Hungarian housekeeper, was surprised when she saw me walking up the stairs. “You’re walking like a cat. Very quietly.” I had a book beside me all day. I read, “To know that one does not know is best. To not know that one does not know is worst.” You would think it was Socrates but, no, it is that old Daoist Laozi.