Plotinus on beauty (an exhortation)

In “On Beauty” (Ennead 1.6), Plotinus invites us to consider “what it is that attracts the gaze of those who look at something, and turns and draws them to it and makes them enjoy the sight.” He thinks this is a particularly good question into what makes something beautiful when it is so called (his answer will be Form), but could it not also be a more general question about what draws us toward the goods of life–an insight into what attracts us, what moves us, what entreats us, enjoins us, implores us? What–yes–calls to and pleads with us? Could it be that answering this question would be the key to understanding ourselves? Why does the light that falls from the good also shine upon us an aura of beauty, allowing us a glimpse into, a vision of what could matter most? Let us see.