Philosophical Improv no. 10: Inquiring is no Longer a Luxury

Since Episode 9 on self-surrender, we’ve been making the slow turn to Part III: the path of radiant living. In this episode, I provide a brief sketch of the art of philosophical inquiry. This subject is discussed at greater length in my book, The Art of Inquiry, a copy of which can be ordered here.

These episodes are attempts to think aloud. The arguments made here are taking on a more final shape in my forthcoming book, Radiance: An Essay for Unsettled Time.

I’m a Ph.D.-trained philosophical counselor who teaches individuals and organizations throughout the US and Europe how to inquire into the things that matter most. A former resident of the Upper East Side in New York City, I now lead a simpler, more contemplative life amid the gentle mountains of rural Appalachia.

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