Philosophical Improv no. 11: Virtues for Unsettled Time

Since Episode 9 on self-surrender, we’ve been making the slow turn to Part III: the path of radiant living. In this episode, I discuss the four virtues (courage, patience, openness, and compassion) as well as the four vices (cowardice, hurriedness, closedness, and contempt) for unsettled time. This subject is explored at greater length in both of my books, The Art of Inquiry and Guidebook for Philosophical Life; the books can be ordered here.

These episodes are attempts to think aloud. The arguments made here are taking on a more final shape in my forthcoming book, Radiance: An Essay for Unsettled Time.

I’m a Ph.D.-trained philosophical counselor who teaches individuals and organizations throughout the US and Europe how to inquire into the things that matter most. A former resident of the Upper East Side in New York City, I now lead a simpler, more contemplative life amid the gentle mountains of rural Appalachia.

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