Perceptive Sensemaking: Coalescing into the Many Things

My love Aleksandra Lauro has been thinking carefully about her consultancy, Perceptive Sensemaking. By ‘perceptive sensemaking,’ she means the ability to draw and reorient the viewer’s attention to an excellent way of life: to an exemplar of the contemplative life; to the qualia–that is, the inner feel, the grainy look, the general mood–of a beautiful place; to the particular kind of natural environment in which one can be attuned to nature.

In this her most recent exhibition, ‘Coalescing into the Many Things’ (Autumn 2013), she offers the viewer a simple, humble, and beautiful representation of the philosophical way of life. The demonstration is meant, above all, to be inspiriting, uplifting, edifying. From this vantage point, the artwork, the edited photos, and the overall site design all seek to draw our eyes to what is best. There is light that dazzles beyond the cave.

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