Website transformed: Radiance Pianissimo (Winter 2014)

Dear Reader,

Each season Aleksandra and I make changes to the main website––so that it accords with the changing rhythms of nature. Our theme for winter 2014 is ‘Radiance Pianissimo.’

AJT winter site screen shot

This winter, though, we took things much, much further: we reworked the main website from the ground up.

We wanted

1.) to show more and tell less;

2.) to make the relationship between word and image much cleaner and clearer (ekphrasis);

3.) to make the categories more recognizable to those not already familiar with my work (e.g., Individuals, Pairs & Groups, Guides for Living, etc.);

4.) to treat the site as a beautiful manifestation of a philosophical way of life (cf. radiance).

With these ends in mind, we added a number of helpful, beautiful features:

We wanted, in short, for the one coming up the site to pause, slow down, and take notice. We hope you’ll find the experience of strolling through the website both illuminating and edifying. As usual, if you’d like to get in touch with me, you can do so through the Contact Form, which is located on the main site.

Kind thoughts,