‘Beauty is the splendor of the highest good’

I read, ‘Beauty is the splendor of the highest good.’ Beauty is not the highest good itself but its shining forth. Anyone or anything at its best is therefore beautiful. Whatever has achieved its essence: this is beauty. That which fully actualizes its function: beautiful. A world at its best would have to be gloriously beautiful.

Someone makes a ring. It is good yet, upon further inspection, I see that it has defects that impair it. I see that it is not a good ring after all. Not, therefore, beautiful. But if there were no defects that impaired it from being a good ring, I would call it beautiful.

A person’s character likewise. I look and see no major defects. I say his character is beautiful. I admire his manifold goodness and am drawn to the splendor of his character. I am then warranted in saying that he is radiant. Kalokagathia.