Website redesign: ‘Bending with Bending Life’ (Spring 2014)

Aleksandra and I are learning–in the words of the literary critic Eric Wasserman–a ‘subtler language.’ In this design, the colors and textures are softer and subtler, the overall design is simpler. We think the spring design, in comparison with the winter design (‘Radiance Pianissimo‘), is less epic and more humble. In this respect are we ‘bending with bending life.’

You can view the site here (which also contains some of Aleksandra’s original philosophical portraits):

There is another respect in which this is true. Many of the photos, for instance, were ‘meant to be’ of a bird or of something that caught the eye. Yet the bird flew away, and the camera lagged behind. What the camera missed turned out to be less interesting and beautiful than what it happened upon. Out of errancy can come surprising fecundity. Another example of ‘bending with bending life.’