4 responses to the world’s being broken

Suppose you begin with the thought that the world in its entirety is broken. Then, there are only four possible ways of responding to its brokenness: return it to a prior state before it was broken, bring it to a new state that is better off than the broken state, smash the broken thing and begin again, start something new that will, in time, replace the broken system.

The first view could be called, variously, nostalgia, romanticism, prelapsarianism, antiquarianism, or conservatism. The second view would likely be a form or style of incrementalism. The third view would be anarchist, eschatological, utopian, Maoist, etc. The fourth view would be innovative or entrepreneurial.

The assumption that the world in its entirety is broken seems to me false. I do not think the world is broken, and so I do not believe that it has to be fixed. Were this to be demonstrated, then none of these responses have to follow. Naturally, I will have to give an account to demonstrate why I believe this to be the case, and I would have to further show that action under a different stripe and based on different, better reasons is still very much possible.