Insistence, Openness, Wonderment, Amazement

1. O cease your insistence. Nothing has to be just so. You do not know how it has to be, do you? Without insistence, you are open. And free to let what is be.

2. O surrender yourself to openness. Nothing being just so, whatever is here is here. Whatever is not here is not here. The absent is not present, the present not absent. What unfolds unfolds at the pace of its unfolding.

3. Now be open to wonder. Ceasing your insistence, surrendering yourself to openness, only now can you wonder. About what is unknown. About what is knowable. Lift your eyes, raise your spirit.

4. Let wonder lead you to amazement. ‘I behold, yet I cannot comprehend what it is that I behold’: this is amazement. The viewer is the vision.