Where the Left and the Right Went Wrong

The point of being on this planet is to figure out why we’re on this planet. The point needs to be made because human beings seem to do most everything they can to avoid this existential question, the only one that ultimately warrants asking.

Our political landscape bewitches us into forgetting this question, the question of why we’re here, the question of what we’re truly, ultimately about, the bone lodged in the throat, the gnawing sourness in our bellies. The left speaks lengthily and without end about infrastructure, the right likewise of the will. The former: all roads or ditches in the final analysis. The latter: all doings or impediments in the final analysis. The world buzzes all day long with the violent noises of Accessible Infrastructure and Wills Indomitable. And needless to say, the two clash quixotically and without fail.

(The left terminates in misery (not everyone gets Infrastructure) or tedium (one more road to nowhere…). The right annoys itself with its stubbornness, willing the same shit over and over.)

And meanwhile we forget, as if in a dream, the question we were born to answer: why are we here? The answer is not: Infrastructures or Wills. Then what?

Let us learn to ask.