Sadder Still Is Humanism

You look around but find no magic. No animated rocks or trees. No spells cast. No she-devils howling in the night.

You say to yourself that you have no evidence of deities or of a deity. You label it “QED” and close the book on ‘this utter nonsense.’

Meanwhile, the natural world goes on, you believe, as a mechanism.

Meanwhile, you keep assuming, as does everyone else, that “man is the measure of all things.”

No cosmos, only you, a human apart. No cosmos, only us humans atomized.

For when you examine your thoughts, are they not centered on you (your emotions, your images, your perceptions), are they not focused on other humans (their emotions, their well-being), and does not your life dramatically unfold in relation to other humans?

Humanism is the never-ending human drama that has no outside, no other, no non-human with which it interacts. Humanism is species-wide narcissism.

What is meaningful? What humans do, maybe even, yet to a lesser degree, what humans believe. This you do not question.

When you think of climate change, you think of the end of the human species. And this makes you sad.

Sadder still is humanism, this doctrine of faith.