My Musing Mind Podcast Interview: “Finding a New Center”

I recently spoke with Oshan Jarow on his Musing Mind Podcast. What’s lovely about his podcast is that its focus is on the connection between worldly questions (those of economics, politics, and culture) and contemplative questions (those having to do with meditation, consciousness, and so on).

You can listen to the interview here. Below, I include his write-up on me. More show notes, references, and so on are available by following the link I just provided.

Musing Mind Podcast

Oshan writes:

Andrew Taggart is a nomadic philosopher and contemplative currently writing about ‘Total Work’, where the paradigm of work is becoming the central mechanism of our identities.

Andrew wrote an essay for Aeon Magazine on the subject. In our conversation, we dig into the relationship between Total Work and postmodernism, the shortcomings of radical leftists in considering what constitutes ‘the good life’ beyond material subsistence, his experience with meditation, consciousness, and various methods – from education to psycho-technologies – for moving beyond nihilism.

Andrew’s found a way to build a life around a gift economy, so he offers a unique perspective on what it’s like to participate in alternative economic arrangements. Speaking with him was a delight, as the depth of both his contemplative practice and philosophical study swirl together into a really eloquent, generous, and fascinating human.