The Weirdness Of Nonduality #3: Could Consciousness Be Eternal?

I just published a meditation of sorts on Medium. It begins like so:

Central Question

Through meditation, how can one test whether time is ultimately real?


There are many ways of speaking about the path to enlightenment. In a recent satsang (questions with the teacher), Advaita Vedanta teacher Francis Lucille suggests that

— you can begin by investigating whether consciousness is numerically identical with the body;

— next, you can see whether consciousness depends upon, and is limited by, the body-mind;

— finally, you can investigate whether consciousness is, in fact, unlimited and therefore universal.

I don’t think virtually anyone believes that consciousness is numerically identical with the body, though the modern materialist paradigm does insist that consciousness depends upon, and therefore suffers the limitations of, the body-mind.

Therefore, I can begin with step 2: does consciousness depend upon the body-mind?

The Body-mind

But then it soon becomes clear that the body is an image of the mind. That is, the mind creates a certain “picture” or “map” of the body. In which case, we can actually start our investigation with the mind.

Central Question Reformulated

Are the limits of the mind numerically identical with the presumed limits of consciousness?

You can read the rest of it here.

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