On Deathworks And Humanism: My Letter To Peter Limberg

In my letter exchange with Peter Limberg, I explore how humanism is a producer of deathworks.

The second section begins as follows:

A confession: I am, have become a psychotechnologies wildman.

Each day I sit down and meditate 3 times for about 3 hours. The meditations, varied in nature, are contemplations of my true nature. Additionally, I’ve begun exploring energetics to understand experientially how subtle energy flows; Tantric yoga and Focusing to dissolve pain bodies; chanting, prayers, and recitations before meals; reading sacred texts (such as The Upanishads) (cf. lectio divina) to deepen my felt understanding; and dream yoga to extend this felt understanding into the dreaming and dreamless states (or rather to realize that there is but one seamless reality whose modes are the dreamless, dreaming, and waking states). Then too for many years there has been many experiments in contemplative philosophizing whose point is to see that one is the heart–and to listen and speak therefrom. Soon I’d like to start taking courses that help me focus on specific knots or tangles; one on Zen and shadows looks especially illuminating.

Reading this, someone might think any number of things. Such as: “What is he seeking?” (Or: “Does this guy ever work?”)

You can read the letter in its entirety here.