The Philosopher Is Not Present #5: Investigating The Green Meme At Kaospilot In Denmark

“The Philosopher Is Not Present #5” was a live performance held at Kaospilot in Aarhus, Denmark, on December 5, 2019.


1. The first, general aim: to help interlocutors confront the great unthought.

2. The second, specific aim: to investigate what Ken Wilber calls “the green meme” with a view to seeing its limitations.

Program Notes

Note #1: Participants kept their eyes closed throughout the performance. The Questioner (Andrew Taggart) had his eyes closed as well.

Note #2: Each conversation, largely improvised, was approximately 8 minutes long. Neither the Questioner nor the Answerer knew much, if anything, about one another.

Note #3: The entire performance builds on itself from beginning to end.


1. It becomes clear during the performance that Kaospilot students are variously committed to: pragmatism (if it’s not useful, then discard it), cultural relativism, subjectivism, empiricism, Romanticism (authenticity, potential, feeling, etc.), social justice, etc. This package is well-described in terms of the green meme.

2. Also evident is the fact that the green meme won’t allow for there to be any consideration of unity-in-multiplicity ontonomy (…ontonomy.html), and convergence on universal truths–just to name a few. Yet these, and other terms and experiences, are precisely what is needed for the next step in the evolution of consciousness.


Aarhus, Denmark (participants)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (me)