Wrong Ways And The Other Way

Everything we have done so far to end our dis-ease, our suffering, our discontent (dukkha) hasn’t worked. Hasn’t worked because it cannot work.

See this clearly. Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t insanity or stupidity. It’s ineffectuality.

Could it be that every approach is bound to do nothing but heighten dukkha or temporarily relieve it?

Understand that the agent is at once clueless and helpless. Do you see?

See also that the dukkha is still here. Still. Right. Here. Or if it has temporarily subsided, observe how it comes back two weeks or two months from now. Or two minutes from now.

Out of compassion, the Buddha offered us a life raft. If we stop struggling and resisting, then the life raft will naturally float to us. Otherwise, we may not yet drown but we certainly won’t make our way to the other shore.

The truth, pure and simple, is that everything we do involves going the wrong way. When we see a Wrong Way Sign, it urges us to turn around and go the other way. Not the opposite way but the other way.

What is this other way???

One Wrong Way Sign: trying to force our way through dukkha or, using our intellect, attempting to think through it. Nope. Another Wrong Way Sign: running away and hiding from dukkha. Nope to this also.

Meditation is actually very simple. We need to stop doing everything that we’re doing. Need to stop searching by letting the searching-wandering wind itself down. Need–just–to stop. Meditation is directly seeing craving fading away without remainder.

No fight. No struggle.