Trying To Be Somebody Is Not The Way

Tuning in, you see that most are trying to be somebody. Trying to be somebody, they manifest dis-ease.

There are two parts: trying and somebody.

Trying implies effortful struggle to become what one is not. This is not the Way. Struggle cannot be struggled through or out of. Struggle is struggle. Trying is a knot that cannot, through trying, be undone. Trying cannot un-try itself.

As for being somebody, witness the desire to stand above or apart in this field of somebodies. Being the wrong way, this is not the Way. Being somebody–anybody–is fraught with metaphysical anxiety of the kind that won’t go way. Such anxiety, an unseen burden, remains unshaken.

Best, always, to simply be nobody. What contentment is here! As nobody, show up provisionally as anybody and then let that drift away too. Where does it drift away to?