A Love Song For My Wife

“All objects celebrate the sun,” Rupert Spira writes. Likewise, “All experience celebrates our self, aware Presence.”

Where does light come from? From love.

What are you? The love that emanates forth in light. 

Just as words are, in Chan master Sheng Yen’s words, symbols that point to “the wellspring,” so light is an emanation of the love that we are.

When you are meditating on light, therefore, you are meditating on the whence–on the source from which it comes. 

Where does light come from, and where does it go? What is before the beginning of all light, and what after the end of all light? Where does light live and breathe and have its being? And what is that which gives rise to all light in the first place? 

“As the Sufis say,” writes Spira, ‘Wherever the eye falls, there is the face of God.’” Similarly, wherever the light falls, there is the face of love. Your original, divine face. Turn toward it, face it, embrace it fully, and be free.