self-knowledge = SELF-knowledge

1. self-knowledge = SELF-knowledge.

a) When I inquire exhaustively into who I truly am, I discover that I am the Self. Cf. Balyani: “Whosoever knows thyself knows thy Lord.”

b) The cultivation of self-knowledge takes us into psychology (Cleaning Up) and into philosophia (wisdom).

c) The sudden flash of awakening is, in Rinzai Zen, called satori or kensho. Satori is not identical with great awakening.

2. To speak at greater length about 1b): Such is the path of virtue, whose telos is wisdom. I cultivate virtue with a view to sophia, or wisdom. That is to say, this is the way of philosophia.

Wisdom refers to the practical conduct of the one so attuned to Reality that his actions are manifestations of the Source.

3. To speak at greater length about 1c): This is the path of knowledge (jnana), whose telos is abiding peace.

Peace is the completeness, wholeness, or blessedness of the one who, knowingly, is the One.

4. The amorous or affective expression of peace and wisdom is love: the love of all creation, of all beings.

5. How can self-knowledge be identical with SELF-knowledge? This must be realized directly (gnosis).