Happiness Is Knowledge Or Love Of God

Happiness is knowledge or love of God.

This is, as it may first appear, not a poetic formulation only. It’s a definition of happiness.

And happiness, it’s implied, can be none other than knowledge or love of God.

Consequently, all other candidates–popularity, wealth, status, pleasure, experiences, desire satisfaction, wealth, status, accomplishments, worldly success, a certain set of said to be objectively good objects, knowledge of the world, any mental state, service to others, and so on–are out.

In fact, everything centered on the mind, body, or world is out. That is, anything unreal–asat: meaning impermanent and not self-existent–is out.

But then the only way to know or love God truly is to be God.

This does not imply that God is seen through the prism of the ego for such is delusion. It’s not that the ego-self is God for such is blasphemy.

Rather, it suggests that when the ego illusion is thoroughgoingly seen through, then there is only, there has only ever been God: there is no real but Real: yea, there is no sacred knowledge of God but the very being of God, which is God’s eternally and infinitely being Himself.

This is only what can be meant by real happiness. This and nothing else.

Therefore, in order to be happy in the real sense, we must begin the spiritual search today–nay, this instant. And if the search has already begun, then we must continue henceforth in earnest, making the quest not just central but also entire.

For only God–the Real–IS and so only God–the Real–matters.