Finding Out Who You Are… Or Just Passing The Time

For a brief moment, the visitor, presently speaking with the teaching master Nisargadatta, gets it:

V: You mean to say that we should remain at the point of [the] emergence of consciousness? Shall we then understand this?

M: Yes, I have been telling people exactly that.

V: Then you mean to say that unless I stop the rising of consciousness, I shall not understand this play of the Unmanifest, manifest, body suffering etc., and that all my talking is actually only blathering and therefore a mere nuisance.

M: Yes, it is just entertainment to pass the time.

The Nectar of Immortality, p. 171

What we should expect at this very moment is for the visitor to get very quiet, to drop back into I Amness, and to abide there (that is, right here). Nisargadatta also says throughout The Nectar of Immortality: “Just be [as I Amness]. Do nothing.”

Regrettably, the visitor then turns, almost immediately it seems, and says, “That means when we visit and sit near you, in fact it bothers you.” “No,” Nisargadatta effectively says.

Hmmff. What patience Nisardagadatta shows here!

Nisargadatta’s late teaching (that is, from the period around 1980-1) couldn’t be any clearer: just stay at “the borderline” between being and non-being. Be very quiet. And let yourself be ‘taken away’ by this koan about the source, i.e., about That from which total manifestation, or beingness, arose.

That’s it! That’s all there is to say! Just stay right here!

For everything else–all the theoretical knowledge, all the storytelling, all mundane concerns, and so on–is just so much passing the time.