‘When I Meditate, I Keep Looking At The Clock’

Question: Often when I’m meditating, I feel like all I want is for it to be over and I find that I keep looking at the clock. It feels like those are the days I need it the most. Should I extend the time when that happens?

Do you see the mental affliction? Is the clock the problem or is restlessness the problem? Who is restless?

What seems unbearable here, so unbearable that the desire to look at the clock and to get up arises? What can’t you stand? What are you turning away from?

When the “itch” to look at the clock arises, in lieu of doing so keenly investigate what’s giving rise to this desire, to this compulsion. Keenly observe: find out what it is.

How long or how short you sit is really moot. Whether you’re seeing the mind as it arises, viewing it with clarity and equanimity is the matter at hand. Be the witness; see what this is like.