Nothing Has Ever Happened

Papaji, a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi, taught, “Nothing has ever happened.”


1. When there is the appearance of mind arising, there is also the appearance of space-time-objectivity.

2. Independent investigations reveal the following: (a) There are no objects as such; there are only arisings-to-awareness. (b) Time does not exist; there is only presence. (c) Space does not exist; there is only here.

3. Space-time-objectivity, as it’s ordinarily deployed, is only a concept, a concept of mind apparently arising. That is, space-time-objectivity is dependent on mind apparently arising.

4. Does the mind exist in its own right? The investigation reveals that it does not. The mind has no inherent, that is, independent, existence.

5. Since mind does not exist in its own right, that upon which it depends does not really exist. In which case, space-time-objectivity does not really exist.

6. Thus, nothing (no thing) has ever really happened.

* * *

“Why has nothing ever happened?”

A: No why!

“Well! What remains? What is here?

A: No question!