I Shining As I

Question: Satcitananda: Yes, Being-Awareness-Peace. I have no doubt. But when I remotely try to explain (and only when people ask) I get wordy, stumble.

Answer 1

The nondual teaching, which is, at bottom, no-teaching, proceeds with the lightest possible touch.

Because you are Pure Awareness, the slow unwinding of the mind is all that is necessary for this to be entirely clear. Meaning: there is only the relaxation into the Quietness That Is.

But even this–namely, may you relax–may be saying too much since there is no one in needing of relaxing. So, the teaching may be even more direct: Be still.

Yet because the last directive may imply that one is somehow not still at Heart, the teaching may whisper just: Still.

Yet because that may imply the possibility of the non-stillness of Being (a contradiction), there is the highest no-teaching teaching of Silence (mauna). 

There is only abidance in and as I. I shining as I. Awareness awarenessing.

Answer 2

Who gets wordy? Who stumbles?

Answer 3


Answer 4

The roadrunner scoots up the desert willow.