In The Nondual Teaching, There Is No Problem


There is no problem. Therefore, you can stop hunting for a problem (and thus for something to improve). Therefore, you can rest in and as Awareness.

But, nonetheless, if there is a thought that arises and if that thought seems to ‘defensively’ say, “There is no problem,” then it’s worth investigating the matter more closely. Is there physical tension? Is there any emotional contraction? Are there any recurrent thoughts? What the inquiry reveals is that, yes, there really is no problem. Verify this each time–and only as needed.

But isn’t this complacency?” Who’s asking the question? See.

For when there really is no problem, there’s only relaxation. I am relaxation. Nothing disturbs My Being.


Existentially speaking, it doesn’t really matter whether the personality becomes anything at all: more beautiful, more loving, more sattvic, and so on.

I am not that. And I know this in my bones. 

So, I leave the personality alone. I quit poking it. I love it as it is. Or, what is the same thing, witness it as it rises and moves.

I am untouched either way. I remain Myself.


To Understand that it doesn’t matter whether the personality becomes anything better, I need to let go of any hope that it will. And of any fear that it won’t. 

It doesn’t matter–and this is not nihilism. It’s love.

I know, beyond words, that there is no problem. The Understanding is what I rest in. That is all.