Manners and Mores: A Tutorial for Freelancers Tired of Hustling and Prone to Apologizing


The following ebook was written out of the desire to offer some guidance to freelancers who are stuck between hustling to make it and apologizing for running roughshod over others. Yet the Freelancer’s Dilemma, as I call it, can be overcome but only if one learns the gentler art of manners: of greeting, introducing, inviting, praising, thanking, and saying graceful farewells.

I’ve included a copy of the Preface. Below the Preface you’ll also find a Table of Contents. I hope you find it edifying.

How to Order a Copy of Manners and Mores

I live and work in a gift economy. To determine how much you would be able to offer for Manners and Mores, simply ask yourself what you would be able to give wholeheartedly in order to meet some of my material needs, provided that this offering wouldn’t count as a financial burden for you. Such an offering would be an example of ‘just generosity’: neither too much nor too little.

You can make your offer via PayPal, the link to which is hereExpect to receive your copy the following day.


How to speak well to strangers; how to introduce yourself to acquaintances; the most suitable way of offering praise to others; the finest way of being a good guest; the most appropriate manner of conducting yourself: all of these subjects have traditionally fallen under the general header, ‘manners and mores.’ And yet, the right practice of manners–once important for courtiers and noblemen, for monks and diplomats, at once delicate and prescient, timely and well-timed–has become an art sorely neglected among those frequently taught to individuals receiving a formal education today.

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