A beautiful soul is part of a beautiful world

They said in unison, “A beautiful soul is part of the beautiful world,” and I wondered what they meant by the concept of the beautiful world. They meant, I think, that the world cannot be beautiful in just one part or another, just in one object but not in another, but in some more general sort of way. Ah, but some ‘general sort of way’–what of that? This sparrow is beautiful not just in the sense of being an object of my interest but in the sense of being, disinterestedly, a part of the world-whole that brings me to a state of awe. Perhaps, the comportment one takes toward the ‘beautiful world’ is indeed one of  awe or wonder. Do I have in mind my joyous comportment toward any ordinary being whatever? Am I thinking of being open-armed and welcoming from the first? Is there a half-formed idea about attuning myself to what is around me, quite apart from whatever purposes or ends or goals that would otherwise attract my attention and guide my will? I suspect they mean also–and perhaps I should have stated this first–that being a part of the beautiful world implies being a transient being among other transient beings; means not being arrogant but finding humility good.