Confusion and Clarity: The Art of Inquiry in the Context of Social Enterprise

Course Description

“Confusion and Clarity: The Art of Inquiry in the Context of Social Enterprise”

This two-day workshop, to be held at Kaos Pilots on August 28 and 29, aims to teach the third-year student how to inquire into the things that matter most. By this point in her educational experience, the student should be familiar with any number of theories, methods, or approaches, any or all of which could bear fruit in her third-year business project and well into the future. However, what the student has yet to be introduced to is the art of inquiry whose dual aims, I want to show, are a state of confusion about a general way of thinking as well as a sense of greater clarity about herself and the world.

Desired Outcomes

The focus of the workshop will be on learning the art of inquiry in connection with the student’s first (or early) formulation of his third-year project. Over the course of two days, the student can be expected to learn, specifically, how to

  • alight upon a question to which he is ‘alive’ or about which he is ‘fraught’;
  • clarify further his basic commitments;
  • confront his way of thinking in general;
  • identify the wrong questions with an understanding of what makes them wrong;
  • pose the right questions with the aim of arriving at greater clarity;
  • embody a set of virtues (most especially: patience, courage, and openness) that are indispensable for inquiring into, as well as for becoming resilient within, the modern world;
  • adopt the ‘right spirit’ of inquiry: bewilderment about one’s state of confusion, curiosity about the possibility of achieving greater clarity.

Short Biography

Andrew Taggart, Ph.D., is a philosophical counselor and educational consultant living in New York City. He teaches self-reflective individuals and socially conscious organizations throughout the US and Europe how to inquire into the things that matter most.