The reductio adsurdum of being successful

The reductio ad absurdum (the reduction to absurdity) of the desire for philosophical inquiry is that an individual or organization

  • happens to be financially secure;
  • has achieved success according to general consensus;
  • has kept decent relations with others;
  • has been socially responsible;

but yet is still unsatisfied. The reductio is that this conception of a good life has been brought into reality but still something significant is missing. How could this be? The stance is one of puzzlement, of bewilderment, of considerable confusion, with no ‘technical solution’ already tried–no small modification or simple tweaking or little refinement–doing any good.

How can this not be enough and why is nothing working? And how can it be that all past approaches have been exhausted? What, indeed, is the question? There is a sense of mystery that cannot be denied and only through philosophical inquiry can clarity be found.