Openness, wonder, and joy

Philosophy is not for those who presume to know all there is to know. Nor is it for those who, being bourgeois, take life to be wholly self-explanatory. ‘The commonplace mind,’ writes Josef Pieper in ‘The Philosophical Act,’ ‘rendered deaf-mute, finds everything self-explanatory’ to the point at which ‘”wonder” is no longer there.’ Now that must be a great loss unknown to the self-professedly knowledgeable, such a magnificent and terrible loss to the one blanketing all reality in the endless commonplace. What unmarked, unremarked upon despondency!

There is only wonder, so we shall learn, once one is brought to doubt whether he knows something at all. But then how is someone brought to such a doubt, and what disposition brings one to wonder’s doorstep?

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Eros before abandon

Awake and ask, ‘Am I open to eros?’

Openness is an outward sweep of the hand, a moment held in infinity, then an inward-welcoming retrieval. The ears as kind as the eyes, the mouth as gentle as the warbler. Do you hear keenly with the eyes, see sharply with the ears, with the heart?


Hold here and breathe and, while breathing, taste la decadencia of life breathing life. Breathing existence is dulce. Eros before abandon.