Eloquence Training: Episode 3. Misconceptions About Eloquence

Eloquence involves saying the right thing in the right way with a sense of ease. An eloquent person, then, is someone who often or almost always speaks eloquently.

In this third episode, Alexandra and I discuss misconceptions about the nature of eloquence: that eloquence is flowery speech, charismatic speech, or scholarly discourse. We urge instead that natural or everyday eloquence is intended to create a space of clarity involving both speaker and listener.

If you would like to learn how to become eloquent, you can visit http://andrewjamestaggart.com/eloquence/.

‘Through you / I feel the mountains…’

A chant:

Swaying reeds

like hanging beans

Through you

feel the mountains


Zazen is preparation for living discourse? What kind of living discourse? Only this: direct speech.


Tell me, friend, how am I doing taking notes?

Speak too quickly, and I won’t catch your words.

Therefore, go slowly with me so that we catch our breaths.