Iago’s power exposes powerlessness

A mountain storm ill-prepares one for its sublime power. Within hours, the power flicks on and off and is out. Night has long fallen, and the mountain–a Iago–shows another, more fearsome side of itself.

Its power exposes our powerlessness. Days without power and without adequate supplies reveal how little one who has acquired an excellent formal education in the analysis of grand ideas has learned to survive. The folly of what goes under the label of higher education is evident when one cannot use a computer or credit card to secure one’s material needs. Technologists such as Google’s Larry Page who assert that Google is working at only 0.1% of innovation miss, in their fancies, the essential facts of existence. Can one start a fire with the loose materials on hand? Can one make food so that it lasts for days? Purify water? Get a car down a mountainside once covered with snow under which lie layers of ice, water, and loose sediment?

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