Horror: Airbnb ‘disrupting’ the evening meal

During a recent conversation with my friend Pete Sims about my upcoming Kaos Pilots course, ‘The Good Life and Sustaining Life,’ we spent some time discussing the case of Airbnb. Airbnb came to mind because I had recently written a post about a certain category mistake: those companies which urge us to take part in the ‘sharing’ economy are mistaking ‘agree to exchange A for B’ for ‘sharing A.’ Two people who make and eat food together are sharing it while one person who pays another to make him food is making an agreement with him; both are agreeing that a certain exchange (money for service) is fair and reasonable. Airbnb and its ilk are therefore not involving in a sharing economy at all; the whole thing, as I argued, is mere fakery.

This argument led Pete to speak about something he recently heard. Airbnb, he said, is now considering getting into meals in order (I suspect) to ‘disrupt’ the restaurant industry. I imagine the idea would be for hosts to make dinner for guests at their homes and for guests to be able to reserve seats and make payments via an online platform. Both Pete and I thought this sounded eerie and horrid. Why did we respond in this way?

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