Aspects of reality

What aspects of the way things are reveal themselves to us, provided we are open and provided also that we perceive these features rightly? Recall that we are attuning ourselves to the three-fold nature of reality.

1.) Infinity is absolute stillness.

2.) Totality flows out of infinity. (Or: infinity flows through totality.)

3.) The finite things flow out of totality. (Or: totality courses through the finite things.)

The aspect that is revealed by infinity is the stillness beyond movement and rest and beyond all that is in its totality. To attune oneself to infinity is to be so absolutely still, so enveloped by mystery that the mind becomes nothing but stillness.

The aspect that is revealed by totality is wholeness. Hence, the character of the radiant figure must come also to that same wholeness. Beyond clashing or clamoring, all virtues must be so fully integrated that they are brought into resonant harmony.

The three aspects that are revealed by finitude are (1) movement and rest (mutability, perishability, towardness and away-from-ness), (2) interdependence, and (3) ‘propriety’ (of measure, power, and responsiveness).

Though only dimly at present, we are beginning to come to an ethic of living according to nature. Such an ethic would come to accord with movement and rest, interdependence, and propriety; with wholeness (integritas); and with stillness. Thus would there be room for the active life and the contemplative life; thus would’the higher’ (stillness) be consonant with ‘the lower’ (propriety and the like).