Ethics: In accordance with finitude (I)

1. One ‘level’ of reality is finitude. Yesterday, I held that there are three aspects of finitude. I wrote,

The three aspects that are revealed by finitude are (1) movement and rest (mutability, perishability, towardness and away-from-ness), (2) interdependence, and (3) ‘propriety’ (of measure, power, and responsiveness).

2. To live the best sort of life is, partially, to live with and ‘lean on’ reality. (Beauty will also figure in prominently in my overall account of radiance.)

3. Properly understood, ethics just is living according to nature.

5. To live in accordance with finitude is to exercise the salient virtues that can, so to speak, be ‘read off of’ nature’s attributes.

6. The virtues that can be ‘read off of’ perishability and mutability are

(a) humility, patience, courage, and transformation.

(b) From interdependence come generosity, receptivity, and friendships of virtue.

(c) From propriety: temperance, spontaneous action, simplicity, directness, and discernment.