The path seemed to be wide open. Or straight, narrow, and pointy.

Now, you see, it is neither. Neither wide open nor straight, narrow, and pointy.

The path has ended and this is an impasse.

It took you a while to get to this point, this point where there is no point and no foreseeable pass. You’d like to pass on it or punt or piss on it but no such luck.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sedate and forget? Maybe for a moment. But guess what? You’re still at an impasse when the foggy mind clears!

Here, there is no solution. Here, all desire to get past is thwarted. Here, fear is mixed with a creeping feeling of desperation.

In other words, you are helpless. It’s impossible for you to do anything about it. It’s impossible for you, really, to do anything. There’s nothing I can do! Who screamed that?

It therefore feels impossible. Almost mean or lowdown.

There is almost nothing here for you, yet there is also everything. There is only surrender without guarantees.