The Personality Grows Out Of My Silence

The personality–not what I am–grows out of the silence of my elemental presence. It rises out in front and sets out in front.

This can be directly seen, and therefore the beginning–or more than the beginning–of a Gestalt shift may already be well under way.

It’s not only the case that this is clear because I witness the rising and setting of the personality. And it’s not just that I realize that my being is not identical with this. Though, of course, both are true, it’s perhaps more immediately true to say that I know myself as this elemental presence and thus know also that in my light temporarily shines the personality.

This is but one way of understanding why Zen Buddhists and Advaita Vedantins emphasize that there’s nothing to achieve; that there’s no one to achieve it; and that what you are looking for you already, always are.