To What Does The Name “I” Refer?

“When you pronounce the word ‘I,'” begins Jean Klein during a retreat in Greece in his book Beyond Knowledge, “there is no reference. The pronoun ‘I’ can never become a thought. When you pronounce it, it refers to your real nature. It is a vertical feeling, a timeless feeling. It points directly to your heart” (p. 79).

Let go of any skepticism and open the heart to the heart.

Drop all concepts, all preconceptions.

Feel the resonance of the “I.” Taste the nonverbal, nonmental sweetness.

Yes, welcome a possibility, an astonishing one: that the “I” is the Divine Name and that every time it is uttered, it is uttered by God, it is of God, and it is to God.

The “I”–sonorous, only sonorous–is the deep meaning of “there is no real but Real.”