When one is deep in meditation, there can stir certain pulsations. These pulsations are subtle movements, the first stirring of manifestation. They are, in fact, very subtle ripples of the still ocean of Consciousness.

While not yet mental, they can, for heuristic reasons, be verbalized:

  • “i am here; i am the one who is meditating…”
  • “i know this…”
  • “i feel this…”
  • “i want this…”

But is there a meditator? A knower? A feeler? A desirer? Find out.

Or investigate the matter from a different angle: pay each no regard; regard each as unreal (i.e., as asat), as a passing phenomenon in You.

That is, be only Pure Subjectivity: “the bare power to be aware” (Franklin Merrell-Wolff).

For You are THIS and THIS Alone. Every pulsation comes from You, points back to You, and returns to You.

NOTE: The use of lowercase indicates the unreal ego-I; the use of uppercase refers to the Real Atman, the “I Am That I Am.”